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Toodle (tu:dl) vb. intr. 1. to follow a winding course. 2. to dreamily meander one’s way.

Greetings. I’m Phil, a printmaker and illustrator living in the vibrant city of Bristol in the South-West of England. On most days you’ll find me doodling, scribbling and sketching. Contact me if you would like to commission a piece for yourself or a friend. If you’re a publisher or editor looking for an illustrator or character designer, I’m your man and I look forward to hearing from you.

Take care, and I hope you have a spiffing day.

Toodle Pip (tu:dl pɪp) sentence substitute. var. Toodle-oo [from: French à tout à l’heure : see you later]. a jokingly upper-class and old-fashioned expression of farewell. Pip: dim. Philip.



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