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February: a little bit butterfly

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What are you waiting for? Go to a little bit bunny now!(c) Mr Toodle

Totterdown Arts Trail – Day 1 (for us)

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For us, the Arts Trail kicks off in earnest today at 12noon. All the artists exhibiting at The Melting Pot are all set up and ready to go, joining me will be my lovely and super-talented friend Spinklesparks, the excellent photographer Katy-Jane Riches and the prolific artist and fashion designer Hilary Finch. Above is my wall, the only green one in the room (painted by the lovely Shop Manager Jo), a green which picks out green in my pictures that I didn’t know were there. We look forward to seeing you all there.

A special thank you to my good friend Carlton for all his help, I couldn’t have been ready in time, or kept my sanity, without him.

Totterdown ‘Front Room’ Arts Trail

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Today is the first day of this years Front Room Arts Trail, it all kicks of at 6pm tonight for a 2 hour launch party at each venue. Then tomorrow and Sunday it will run from midday to 6pm, both days. I’ll be exhibiting at The Melting Pot charity shop, next to Acappella on Wells Road, Totterdown, just look for the white shop front. See you there!

Update: Sorry those of you tried to come and see the exhibition at The Melting Pot last night (Friday 16th), there was a last minute decision not to open the shop for a number of reasons, I hope nobody was too disappointed.

June: a little bit tiger

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My ALBBunny for this month is up and ready for your viewing pleasure.

High On A Hill Was A Lonely Nerfherder

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In the nick of time, I’ve posted my submission to a little bit bunny, follow the link to see it. This month’s topic is the nerf, a creature that any fan of Star Wars will be aware of from the (probably) classic line “Why, you stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerfherder”. The nerf, however, was never seen in the films, and so what a nerf actually looks like is open entirely to the imaginations of ALBBunnyists. Enjoy.

Teething troubles

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Hi, it seems that a few people experienced a few error messages and timed-out messages yesterday. Please accept my apologies if you were frustrated in your attempts to explore my website. I hope that I’ve managed to fix the problems, but if you still have difficulties viewing the site, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Thanks, Phil.


Website Official Launch

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Hello, and welcome to my spanking new website and blog. Please have a thorough look around and feel free to leave comments or send me a message. Please also spread the word and tell everyone you know that the site is here to be viewed and, hopefully, enjoyed.